Come over to the dark side…

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Why the trite references to The Empire Strikes Back? Because I resisted using WordPress for so long, it seemed… strangely appropriate.

After having tried several different pieces of software to make websites easier, both at work and at home, I decided it was time to see why WordPress has so many users. I know Internet Explorer has a lot of users, too, but then again, WordPress doesn’t come pre-installed on anybody’s computer, now does it?

So far, so good. I probably stretched the install out longer than it had to be. It still only took about 10 minutes. (Yeah, I am the geeky type who agonizes about whether to make his own password salts.)

That’s a picture of me below. It was drawn by a co-worker at a previous job. Not realistic at all–I don’t look that good in real life. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to wrap text around images in posts.

Stay tuned for more interesting posts:  Halloween, the treehouse in Winter, the Panthers’ mid-season comeback. And more.

Van's CaricatureVan

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