Landing Page: A WordPress Theme for Pages Only

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One of the most basic tasks that a WordPress theme performs is looping through posts to display them. Whether it’s recent post on the homepage, a list of posts on an archive page, or a single post on its own page, the Loop (with a capital “L”) is the centerpiece of most WordPress themes.

But what if you actually didn’t want a Loop, because you were using WordPress for a set of static pages? I recently had the need for a theme that would only host landing pages. What’s more, each landing page needed to be a dead-end, where the visitor filled out a form embedded from a hosted form service but could not navigate to any other page. Customers had to be given the URL to a particular form. (If customers ended up on the homepage, they should only see the company logo, and a link to the main company website.)

There are several Landing Page themes out there. I needed something even more minimal than those.

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