What Really Matters in a Website

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A quote from Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Inbound Marketing (www.InboundMarketing.com):

The reality is that most websites look perfectly fine. The colors are fine, the logo is fine, the pictures are fine, and so on. You personally do not like the look of your website because you look at it so often. Your visitors on the other hand, are not particularly interested in your site’s colors or the type of menus used. Your visitors are looking for information—something interesting they can read and learn about—which is why it makes sense to focus on getting people to consume web content through other means such as email, RSS, and social media sites.


Panera Bread Treats Their Customers Like (Pavlov’s) Dogs

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Pampered_MenialYes, the title is pseudo-intellectual link bait.

In case you forgot who Ivan Pavlov was, or why his dogs are famous, the Nobel Prize website can refresh your memory about Pavlov’s drooling dogs.

Although I consider myself more of a back-end programmer, I do really care about good user experience (UX) in the web apps I work on. Of course, that means I’ve become more attuned to user experience in my own life, in much the same way as former smokers are usually vehemently anti-smoking. Continue reading Panera Bread Treats Their Customers Like (Pavlov’s) Dogs