A New Favorite Author

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I have a new favorite (living) author, John Scalzi. His writing reminds me of John Updike, Douglas Adams, Jerry Pournelle, and an eight-grade class clown, all rolled into one.

I just happened to come across a recommendation for his first book, Old Man’s War, a little over a year ago, and I enjoyed it immensely. I’ve read the first sequel, The Ghost Brigades, which, while not as groundbreaking as the first, had several new and different themes–and twists–to make it worthwhile. He has already published other sequels that I’m looking forward to reading.

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Why isn’t the series “Junkyard Wars” available on DVD, Hulu, or Netflix?

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Remember that great BBC series that got ported to The Learning Channel back in the late ’90s, “Junkyard Wars”?

It was a show that one fan site (Junkyard Wars Online) described as “equal parts gameshow, Mad Max and science lesson in a race to see which team will build the best machine in the allotted time of just ten hours.”

Well, I have searched high and low, and cannot find them on DVD, Hulu, Netflix, TV.com, YouTube or anywhere else…

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Defense of Marriage, 45 Years Ago

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In the upcoming primary elections this spring, North Carolina voters will vote on a proposed amendment to the state constitution. It will be listed as N.C. Amendment 1. The ballot will read:

“[ ] FOR           [ ] AGAINST

Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.”

You can find the full text of Senate Bill 514, the legislative bill that put this amendment on the ballot at:  http://www.ncleg.net/Sessions/2011/Bills/Senate/HTML/S514v3.html

In church the other Sunday, the pastor, Steve Shoemaker, reminded the congregation of another and similar law about marriage in Virginia. I was surprised by the details of the court case he cited, so I looked it up. The actual details from the Supreme Court decision are more surprising than anything I read about it on Wikipedia, or on any other private site.

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